Build Your Own Program

Skill up by choosing your own subjects to fit your learning needs and your schedule.


How would you like it if you can actually manage your own class schedule, at your own pace, in your own time? ACHDB Manila features its Build Your Own Program—a concept geared towards students who lead very busy lifestyles, but are still eager to jumpstart their formal career within the hair, beauty and make up industry.

ACHDB Manila’s Build Your Own Program allows individuals who want to enrol in a course, but cannot commit to the full time training option, can select the preferred course and enrol in a minimum of at least three subjects from the course content, at a time and attend the classes on the published dates when they would like to take them.

Compared to a full time qualification that could take up to 9 months to complete, taking this  program means graduating the course will obviously take longer. However, working professionals inside and outside of the hair and beauty industry who are time-challenged and who would like to juggle their current work commitments whilst attending their classes with ACHDB Manila can take advantage of this flexible delivery option.

The Build Your Own Program can be done in these five easy steps:

Here’s how to Build Your Own Program:

Step 1: Choose your course of study.

Step 2: Enroll in at least 3 Subjects from the required course content.

Step 3: Select the class schedule of your choice from the selections published by the school ahead of time.

Step 4: Attend the class schedule for your chosen subjects.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 to 4 until you complete the course content.

Because students themselves select their schedule and the subjects that they would specifically like to learn, they would have no more excuse to delay fulfilling their dreams to earn a qualification for make-up, beauty or hairdressing. The program offers flexibility in time, money, and priorities, and is perfect for those who want to get their career started exactly the right way.

*Please note that some subjects can only be undertaken if the pre requisite unit has been successfully completed. The course co-ordinator will advise you during your unit selection process.

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