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How different is Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty Manila from other beauty schools?

  • Australian College is the first and only international college offering tech/vocational courses that follow a curriculum based on the Australian Training package. Since the courses are internationally accredited, graduates can work legitimately and professionally anywhere in the world.
  • The courses span to more than six months and are K-12 aligned. They are also delivered in a 75% hands-on practical and 25% theory based learning.

Who can apply to Australian College?

  • Local and foreign students
  • Career-shifters
  • Industry practitioners who would like to upgrade their skills and qualify to work abroad
  • Beginners without any previous experience
  • Grade 12 graduates

How long is the course?

An aggregate of 15 months.

What is covered by the course fee?

The fee includes tuition which covers delivery of the Australian curriculum, books, and uniform. It also includes the assessment fee; wherein assessors from Australia

Do you take care of accommodations for foreign or out of town students?

Students can make arrangements directly with housing agents.

Are foreign students allowed to work here in the Philippines while studying?

The visas of foreign students exclusively cover studying in the Philippines.

Do you look for job opportunities for graduate students?

Students are educated to qualify for jobs globally. Once they pass their assessments, they can apply for work here and abroad. Students take full responsibility to look for employment.

Where is the school located and how do we get there?

Australian College is located at the third floor of Fox Square Building, 53 Connecticut Street North East Greenhills, San Juan City. Various transportations are available. You may refer to the map.

What are the Academic Hours for the full courses?

  • The academic hour is from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • Students come to class minimum 20 hours a week. 2 full days and a half day.

Do you have classes night classes and weekend classes?

Night and weekend classes are normally opened for short courses.