7 Tips on how to volumize a limp hair

7 Tips on how to volumize a limp hair

June 15 2015 - Hair

Blow-dry upside-down
You probably already know this one, but we thought we’d start with the basics. After you get out of the shower, flip your hair over and let the hair dryer work its magic. Don’t forget to put a mousse or a curl booster. This will make your hairstyle last for the rest of the day.

Use a rounded brush
While blow-drying, use a rounded brush to curl your hair away from the scalp at its roots. It’s better to use nylon bristle brush it can add volume and straightens wavy or curly hair as well.

Break out the curling iron
Use a small to medium sized curling iron for the hair to have an allowance especially on outdoor event for the hair will not straighten in an hour.

Be sure not to use conditioner everyday for this will make your hair more silky and oily. Shampoo hair everyday but be sure to use accordingly to your hair type.

Keep it short and sweet
The less weight, the more volume. Therefore, the less hair, the more volume. If you really want a fuller look, go for a short ‘do. Bobs are perfect for fine and limp hair.

Invest in some hair spraynet
Once you’ve blow-dried your hair and parted it where you like it, flip it over one more time. Spray it 1 foot away from the hair. Don’t brush too much or you’ll lose the look. I recommend Silhouette of Schwarzkopf.

Add a little color
The textured look of highlighted hair can create the illusion of thicker locks. It doesn’t require shockingly bright color either; a subtle color slightly lighter than your current hair color will do the trick. Higlights is highly recommended.

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