Makeup for Mature Woman

Makeup for Mature Woman

June 15 2015 - Makeup

Let’s be real. Aging is a natural human process. But the rate of aging can be hastened by environmental factors, diet, lifestyle & kinds of products used on the skin. They are either good for the skin or bad for the skin. That said, it is therefore very important that extra care should be given to skin through daily skin care & treatment; which includes the cosmetics used and the way makeup is applied on skin.


As with anything related to makeup, it is always essential to start with skin care. Mature skin has special needs as the skin starts to experience some changes that need closer attention. Certain biological processes S…L…O…W… down; which includes the following.

  1. SEBUM – responsible for skin moisturization. As one ages, the sebaceous glands responsible for sebum production starts to deplete. As a result, skin starts to become drier. Dry skin is also associated with skin sensitivity. To ensure that skin remains moist, remember to always MOISTURISE using the appropriate product that suits your skin type. And use products that are gentler on the skin.
  2. COLLAGEN – responsible for the suppleness of the skin. This is a protein found in connective tissues that are responsible for the firmness of the skin. Look for skin care products that are infused with collagen.
  3. ELASTIN – responsible for skin elasticity. When elastin in the skin, another protein in the connective tissues, start to lessen, skin does not go back to shape as easily when pressed or pinched.

While the Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize skin care regimen stays, choose products that contain ingredients to help skin remain, moisturized, supple and elastic. Same goes for cosmetic products. Also, the skin needs MORE PROTECTION from the harmful rays of sun, light and heat –hence, sun block is as important. Ensure you choose the full spectrum sunscreen that can protect the skin from both outdoor and indoor light as well as heat. Go for at least SPF30 and re-apply as necessary.


Given that mature skin have special needs, choose cosmetics that will help address skin concerns associated with aging. Here are some useful reminders:

  1. Choose liquid foundation that contain more moisturizing ingredients. Avoid heavy creams that may require heavy handling and tends to sit in between fine lines that makes makeup look cakey.
  2. Consider using a silicone-based primer. Silicon sits in between wrinkles which help lessen the appearance of fine lines.
  3. Mature skin tends to look paler — choose foundation shades that have yellow undertones to give skin more warmth and nautralize redness on skin.
  4. Avoid using shimmery or sparkly shadows and blushes to de-emphasize the lines on the face. Remember, shimmers reflect light and will further highlight lines and wrinkles.
  5. Go ahead and play with colors. Age-appropriate colors, that is. ;)
  6. Stay with shadows and blushes that are matte; or with a slight sheen to highlight certain areas of the face.
  7. Since eyebrows start to become a bit sparse, retrace/ re-shape brows using taupe or blonde brow pencil, topped with a taupe or blonde brow powder to seal the shape. Avoid brow pencils shades that contain red and orange pigments as these look unnatural.
  8. Lip liner are the best way to re-define the lip shape especially when lip start to become thin.
  9. Use creamy lipstick for moisturize and give lips a softer, healthier appearance.
  10. Avoid using too much gloss to de-emphasize fine lines around the lips.


While choosing appropriate products for mature skin is essential, it is equally important to give special care in APPLYING makeup.

  1. Avoid dragging the skin when applying makeup with heavy hand or brush strokes. STIPPLE (pat) on and blend products are best – this also help massage the skin.
  2. If one finds that applying makeup using the fingers more convenient, use the “ring” finger as it provides the lightest pressure on skin.
  3. When concealers sit on fine lines around the eyes, stipple the area with a concealer brush or a sponge to take out the excess product before sealing it with a light dusting of loose powder.
  4. Soften makeup application to soften bones of the face that tend to protrude with age (e.g. cheekbones). This also includes highlight and contour. Severe application tends to age the skin and the overall look.
  5. Use light feathery strokes that imitate brow hair growth to make brows look more natural.
  6. When applying eye shadow and eyeliner, pull the lid slightly taught to stretch the skin for a more even makeup application.
  7. For thin lips, line the lips along the outer lip line to make it look fuller.


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