Short Make-up Courses

Specialize your skills and create your own niche as a make-up artist. Our short courses focus on the latest make-up techniques you can take advantage of.


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Basic to Bridal Elite Make-up

Prerequisite: N/A

82 hours, 15 days at 5 hours per day

This course is suitable for individuals who would like to:

  • Initiate an exciting new career path in their passion for beauty
  • Add a new dimension to existing make-up know-how
  • Gain confidence by learning to apply personal make-up to look professional and at the same time transition to applying make-up to others

This course empowers individuals to take control of how they look by learning how to enhance their features through make-up because sometimes the person who knows her/his face best is herself/himself.

This course also provides students an introduction to make-up education and can potentially be a good basis for further study in beauty.

This short course intends to offer specialized skills for those who would like to focus their career in the wedding industry. This includes proper Client Consultation as the bride’s professional partner to achieve the intended bridal look whether it is for a day, afternoon or evening wedding. It also teaches the student the skill for proper make-up application to achieve the flawless, timeless look appropriate for photographs.”

Film, Theatre, TV and Specialized Make-up

Pre-requisite: Basic Make-up

82 hours, 15 days at 5 hours

This combination of courses is suitable for individuals who would like to learn to design and apply:

  • Opera character
  • Theatrical make-up
  • Make-up continuity
  • Cultural make-up
  • Drag make-up
  • Character make-up
  • Fantasy character make-up
  • Period make-up (1920s to 1980s)

It is a fact the creative use of make-up enhances the ability of actors to portray characters.  That is why the role of the make-up artist is crucial.

This course provides the make-up education that is required to provide the skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively perform the task.

High Fashion and Media Make-up Techniques

Pre-requisite: Basic Make-up

28 hours, 7 days at 4 hours

This course is suitable for individuals who would like to learn to design and apply:

  • Fashion creative make-up
  • Fashion catwalk make-up
  • Photographic make-up in color and in black & white
  • High definition make-up techniques

Airbrush Glamour Skill

Pre-requisite: Basic Make-up

30 hours, 10 days at 3 hours per day

Airbrushing is a specialized area that has been increasingly popular due to its lasting results and the natural finish it creates. This course are for individuals who would like to enhance their personal make-up application, camouflage and wedding make-up.

In this course, the individual will learn:

  • Operation and care
  • Tattoos, Face & Body Art using application of stencils
  • Natural / TV Airbrush Make-up
  • Fantasy Character

Special FX

Prerequisite: Photographic/Film and Specialized Make-up

44 hours, 10 days at 4 hours 10 mins per day

This course is suitable for make-up artists who would like to learn to apply the skills and knowledge in designing and creating:

  • Burns and blisters
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Bruising
  • Injury simulation
  • Blocking of brows
  • Simulate ageing with creams

This course provides the make-up education required to properly and flawlessly execute the application of make-up in order to create special features or effects such as scars, aging, and illness.


Pre-requisite: Special FX

This course is suitable for individuals who have been practicing special effects make-up artistry over time and would like to:

  • Be responsible for creating realistic prosthetics in response to special make-up design requirements.
  • Create prosthetic pieces that range in size from facial parts, scars and bald caps to larger facial or body pieces, and multiple or overlapping appliances that require mobility.