The College


What Makes the ACHDB Manila different from other institutions?

We have 75% hands-on practical and 25% theory-based learning.
Small class sizes with a strict 16 students to 1 teacher ratio.

There are a lot of schools that provide make-up and hairdressing education in the Philippines. However, their accreditation is limited locally and their graduates are not employable outside of the Philippines.

“ACHDB Manila’s course curriculum is also made to fit the standards set forth in The K to 12 Basic Education Program.”

The Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty Manila (ACHDB Manila) is the first and only college in the Philippines that provides the graduates the opportunity to become an internationally recognized makeup artist, beauty practitioner or hairdresser.

Located along Connecticut Street in Greenhills, ACHDB Manila is highly accessible to first-class residential areas, exclusive schools, and other social and lifestyle hubs in Metro Manila.

The College meets both local standards with a pathway to  global recognition. ACHDB Manila offers flexible learning options suitable to each student’s needs and accepts students from all nationalities.

The Campus with a Real Working Salon

ACHDB Manila provides interactive classes within an ultra-modern learning environment. It provides real salon work experience wherein students do hands-on activities under the supervision of expert teachers. Student-to-teacher ratios are kept purposely low to facilitate effective learning.

For a more holistic approach, ACHDB Manila also educates its students on other aspects such as real life salon daily practices from reception duties, including arranging bookings, greeting clients, and client consultation. The goal is to equip students with all the latest knowledge they need to work in leading salons and to potentially open their own business.

The International Standard

Within Australia, ACHDB Melbourne campus’s prides itself with a curriculum made to fit the current educational standards with industry required employability skills.

The Australian College based in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, is registered as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and complies with extensive government regulations to maintain its registration within Australia. This involves internal and external audits and regular reporting to a variety of Australian government organisations and the National VET Regulator. The College is proud of its performance in meeting its obligations as an RTO within Australia, and its success can be measured by fantastic audit results and an extended government funding contract beyond the standard one year term. Further information on ACHDB Australia, visit the following website.

These same industry and employability standards are carried on to our very own ACHDB college here in Manila, Philippines.

The Manila Advantage

ACHDB Manila’s course curriculum is also aligned to fit the standards set forth in The K to 12 Basic Education Program.

Given its direct ties with its ACHDB Melbourne collaboration, the College enables students to experience the Manila to Melbourne program wherein studying makeup and hairdressing in Manila can enable a pathway for successful graduates to Melbourne, to culminate their studies and potentially find work opportunities there.

This study application is lodged directly through the ACHDB Australian recruitment office, and will require the potential student to apply through the normal application process as outlined by the Australian Government, Department of Immigration and border protection to obtain a student visa (VET) for the purpose of study in Australia.

The College also prides itself with its Education Tourism program, wherein students from other countries can enrol in Manila, Philippines and earn the same opportunity for an internationally-recognized qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) refers to recognition of competencies currently held regardless of how, when, or where the learning occurred. Competencies may be attained in a number of ways, including formal or informal training, education, previous work experiences or general life experience. Upon successful graduation from your course at ACHDB Manila, your final assessment will be conducted by ACHDB, appointed Australian assessors through the process of (RPL) to provide you with the Australian qualification pathway. This ensures that the results are unbiased and that the quality of education is standard across all Geographic’s.

The evidence may take a variety of forms and may include certification, reference from past employers, testimonials from clients and work samples. Our process will ensure that the evidence is authentic, valid, reliable, current and sufficient. RPL procedures ensure that each application is considered according to specific guidelines which will be provided to all successful graduates from ACHDB Manila.